Art Model Collective presents:  FILM NOIR inspired multi-model life drawing session! 

Join us for an unmissable session with Carla and Manko doing what they do best: dark denizens of the criminal underworld, getting up to no good - in the best possible style!

Expect guns, hard boiled action, cinematic drama, thrilling Femme Fatales and an epic movie soundtrack!

Admission: £15 on the door / Time: 7pm-10pm
Free art...

Come to a life drawing session designed to challenge the task of drawing a perspective of bodies. Using fantastic high ceilings of The Underdog Gallery, we will position a ladder for two models to give you an opportunity to try a new visual perspective! Yes, two nude models on a ladder in the middle of an art gallery!

Date: Tuesday 6th of June
Time: 7pm-9:30pm
Admission on the door: £15

​We will be exploring...

Underdog Gallery present a life drawing session dedicated to MayDay maidens, spring sprites and beflowered beauties of Alphonse Mucha.

Mucha needs no introduction - he produced a flurry of paintings, posters and illustrations in what was termed initially The Mucha Style but became known as Art Nouveau. In contrast with contemporary poster makers he used pale pastel colours.

Poses and costumes w...

After an extremely successful first instalment of Tarot themed life drawing in April, we consulted the cards and were told to continue with the rest of the deck.. so here comes Evoke Archetypes II including The Lovers - Death - The Devil.

The lineup of the cards comes directly from the three-card spread by Gene Serene, who returns as our spiritual and musical host of the session providing her original so...

Inspired by Modigliani's portraits of women, you will have a chance to draw two models in their full sensuality.

​Amadeo Modigliani has a reputation of a tragic hero - a talented, ambitious and handsome womaniser who was consumed by alcohol and drugs - who painted a large number of modern luminous but almost primal portraits of women.

With this session Art Model Collective will recreate Modigliani's naked am...

Many artists, such as Salvador Dali, have drawn their own decks of Tarot Cards, and here is your chance to join the gang!

Multiple models (Carla, Manko, Dana Fox) will bring you the powerful archetypes of Major Arcana, posing for the audience of artists in classical Tarot poses and costumes. Fool! High Priestess! Magician! Empress? Devil? .... This session is a continuation of Art Model Collective's collaboratio...

Art Model Collective are inviting Frank Gambino to host our first TUTORED workshop!

Frank has been a loyal supporter of Art Model Collective from the day one, and constantly wowed them with his work. Many of us wonder: how does Frank manage to use humble tool of a charcoal to quickly create expressive sculptural drawings that look three-dimensional?

Frank assures us that, with a few quick tips, anyone can ac...

Inspired by Surrealist Italian cinema, expect amazing costumes based on fierce-out-of this-planet female characters!

Three models - Maya, Manko and Carla - will steal Fellini's and Garrone’s visual references to create three impossible women looking amazingly neurotic and disturbingly erotic.

Art Model Collective have invited Maya Petrovna as a guest of honour and a designer of this exclusive event. Prepare f...

For two weeks only from 15th till 28th March2017, is presenting their latest art show 'Desire' to London audience at The Underdog Gallery.

Private View with Live Performances: Friday 17th March 6pm- 8pm
(please register here to attend)

Exhibition (open to the public):  Wednesday 15th - Tuesday 28th Attendance is free, open every day apart from Mondays. is a slough-based...

Art Model Collective will inspire you with interactive and twisted poses based on Schiele's still-schocking art.

Having recently held a popular golden session inspired by Gustav Klimt, next Tuesday evening two models will pay tribute another of our favourite artist, and Klimt's dark and controversial protege, Egon Schiele.

Carla and Manko's poses, inspired by Schiele's striking and still-shocking imag...

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