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6th June - Life Drawing Challenge of Perspective (Two Life Models on a Ladder)

Come to a life drawing session designed to challenge the task of drawing a perspective of bodies. Using fantastic high ceilings of The Underdog Gallery, we will position a ladder for two models to give you an opportunity to try a new visual perspective! Yes, two nude models on a ladder in the middle of an art gallery! Date: Tuesday 6th of June Time: 7pm-9:30pm Admission on the door: £15

​We will be exploring ladders' decorative possibilities and the chances they offer to create challenging optical perspectives to draw! Ladders are amazingly tempting when heights are so seductive. They can elevate and terrify you with the gravity of vertigo. They are movable, penetrable, versatile, and they are also slightly unsafe: which makes them the perfect tool to explore aerial views of the subjects climbing them, and panoramic visions from the subjects on their floating steps. You can hang onto them gracefully, or climb on them with strength and determination.

But can you be still on them for hours? Are they made to design choreographic body compositions for artists to draw? That is exactly what we will dare to discover on this playful and visually challenging life drawing session. All levels welcome.​ Chairs and drawing boards provided, some easels and table spaces also available. Gallery bar serves drinks and refreshments from 6.30pm until late, perfect for a glass of wine or a gin & tonic. And please stay for a drink afterwards with models and organisers. We're a friendly bunch of like-minded creatives and enjoy chatting, brainstorming, getting feedback and swapping ideas!



The Underdog


Crucifix Lane

London Bridge


3 mins walk from The Shard Exit of London Bridge Station, come out of the station, turn left at The Shard and walk down to the traffic lights, The Underdog is just across the lights on the left.

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