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21st April -28th May: 'As We Step into Chaos' Exhibition by Dangerous Minds Artists

The Underdog Gallery is delighted to present a major solo exhibition of Dangerous Minds Artists ‘As We Step into Chaos’. Exhibition: Saturday 22nd April - 28th May: Attendance is free and open to the public every day apart from Mondays. Come and see new and diverse spectrum of work from artists that push boundaries of contemporary art while being aesthetically beautiful. As featured by Huffington Post, the show sets a new direction for modern art and is one of the most exciting art exhibition in London at the moment. An installation of both wall mounted pieces and sculptural works, reveals how a subliminal unrest has become an ever present part of our daily lives. Pieces such as 'The lovers', 'War Horse', 'Kaiser chief', 'Veiled Threat'... all have at their core, some form of dystopian angst, which subtly percolates from within, to lie just beneath the shiny skin... like Snow White's 'poisoned apple'. For all the works superficial beauty, there is an ever present implication of a darkness lurking just beneath the glossy surface... an allegory of the times in