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COMING UP FRI 14TH FEB: The Lunar Effect, Circus Cannon & Jackknife Seizure

See you on Friday 14th! Doors at 6pm. Bands from 8pm. FREE ENTRY - spoil your birds on valentines day! THE LUNAR EFFECT Need no introduction to Underdog fans! Play fuzz laden riffs mixed with vintage psychedelia in a hard rock homage to bands like Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin, laced with a modern twist. In 2018 the band signed with Kozmik-Artifactz Records, releasing their debut album 'Calm Before the Calm' earlier this year. The album has already attracted critical acclaim from the most respected blogs, youtube channels, websites, radio stations and magazines worldwide. CIRCUS CANNON Circus Cannon are four idiots who got together to make unreasonably loud psychedelic rock. They’ll grab you by the lapels and drag you through the astral plane by way of the ninth circle of Hell and then dump you in a seedy alley somewhere. They just want to have a good time, they’ll be your best friend, but you shouldn’t really trust them. Come see one of their ecstatic, chaotic live sets in a reputable venue near you and get your eardrums perforated. JACKKNIFE SEIZURE North London's Jackknife Seizure are not a band to put into a box easily. Their powerful, proggy grunge infused with heavy groove will appeal to fans of the likes of Soundgarden, Alice in Chains, Sabbath, Tool and Mastodon alike. Having appeared on stages all over the capital and beyond, including Bloodstock's New Blood Stage, the band are ready to bring their blistering live set to all corners of the UK with their latest release 'Starfisher' - available now via Bandcamp!

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