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PAST LIVE MUSIC: Fri 16th Aug Electro Pop & Gothic Post Punk

On Friday 16th we welcome POLSKY and The Academy of Sun to the stage. Check out the bands below. Doors from 6pm. Bands from 8pm. Free entry. POLSKY POLSKY has evolved from the bedroom laptop electronics of Chris Warren (vocals, guitar) to a fully-formed, energetic pop band with the appointment of the executive board; Senior Synth Architect, Ben Warn (keyboards), Rhythm Logistics Engineer, Alex Robertson (drums) and Low Frequency Systems Analyst Chris Norman (bass). The Academy of Sun Four-piece dystopian gothic post-punk band from the South of England. A jukebox for the party the night the world ends, irradiated Russian archipelagos, murderess countesses, nature's bizarre insistence on survival, fugitive priest, corporate lackey, an heiress kidnapped, orgies in a temple. a laughing matter of life and death, enduring awe at formidably ancient stone. A precursor piece to DNA was found in star material

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