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PAST LIVE MUSIC Sat 8th June: Freak Power's Exclusive Funk Night

Number9MPA presents the absolutely amazing and outrageously entertaining Freak Power sneak in to their Secret and Exclusive show at London Bridge's very own The Underdog Gallery on Saturday 8th June. All hell will be let loose as usual ripping up the cobwebs and stripping the paint of the walls for what threatens to be an all out war on funk!! Well, I exaggerate somewhat, but having been to their fantastic (new word for the Dictionary, I like it) show in March at The 100 Club, the promises to be over populated for sure. Tickets are reduced for those that book before the 31st May so you haven't got long!! As you now know, Freak Power were formed Ashley Slater (microgrooves / Loose Tubes) and bassist Norman Cook (Fat Boy Slim / House Martins). Their debut single "Turned On, Tune In, Cop Out"was a humungous chart hit back.The single went on to be featured on the famous 501 Levi Jeans advert. Their debut album "Drive-Thru Booty" was released the same your and was quickly followed by the second album "More Of Everything For Everybody", which featured " Can You Feel It", "Let It Go" and "New Direction". As you can expect the show will sell out quickly, as there is a minimum capacity, hence Secret and Exclusive...agh!! PURCHASE DISCOUNTED TICKETS BEFORE FRIDAY 31ST MAY!!

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