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PAST LIFE DRAWING SALON: Tues 2nd Apr: Let Them Eat Cake

On 2 April, to celebrate the delights of spring, AMC wish to revive the hedonistic excesses which inspired the French Revolution. For this theatrical multi-model life drawing session, AMC founder Manko is teaming up with multi-talented artist Zoetica Ebb, to host a visual feast of dainty cakes, champagne, corsets and powdered wigs at Underdog Gallery. Manko and Zoetica previously collaborated on the immensely popular Retro Sci-Fi and Russian Wintertales sessions. The phrase “Let Them Eat Cake!” is mis-attributed to the last French Queen Marie Antoinette, and we’re thrilled to sink our teeth into this delightful cliché while taking inspiration from the shameless gluttony, unethical etiquette and the courtesans of the royal court. All levels welcome, join our friendly and social crowd of regulars! Full bar, and themed soundtrack Table spaces, comfy seats and easels Free paper and art materials, courtesy by Great Art. (£15 in advance, £20 cash on the door)

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