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Tues 29th Jan Life Drawing: Tarot & Archetypes with Art Model Collective

This January, Underdog Gallery opens the season with an art show from two Polish artists, fine art photographer Sylwia Makris and sculptor Tomasz Gornicki - called Tarot & Archetypes. Tarot theme is very close to our hearts. Coincidentally in 2017/8, we at Art Model Collective have been creating our own series of collaborative multi-model life drawing events with a musician Gene Serene. What a perfect excuse, therefore, to bring the exhibition and life drawing together and revisit our favourite Tarot characters! For our “Drawing Tarot” event, Carla and Manko will select their favourite characters to revisit, surrounded by pertinent and evocative curation of brilliant artwork on the gallery walls. Art Model Collective have already recreated many Tarot cards with guest models, sets, props and costumes. Our “Evoke Archetypes” event series featured Major Arcana characters like The Fool, Magician, High Priestess, The Devil, Tower, Lovers, Strength, Temperance, Chariot, World, Hermit, Emperor and more. Which cards would you like to see evoked on stage? Join us on Tuesday 29 January, 7-9.30pm for some life drawing! All levels welcome, join our friendly and social crowd of regulars! Table spaces, comfy seats and easels. Free paper and art materials, courtesy by Great Art. £15 in advance via BigCartel: or £20 cash on the door.

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