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Tues 6th Nov Life Drawing: AMC's El Día de Los Muertos

El día de los Muertos is a Mexican celebration that is a wonderful example of Latin American religious syncretism. It is a celebration that coincides with a catholic festivity, but which is also larger than life and universally loved, thanks to its bold mix of pop culture, Christian dogma and mind blowing pre-Columbus traditions and mystical beliefs. When the concept of Catholic sin meets the Aztec glorification of death and the dead, a colourful and perfectly profane celebration like ‘El dia de los Muertos’ comes about, allowing people to enjoy life whilst at the same time paying a happy, colourful tribute to those no longer alive. Tonight you are invited to a party in our place of residence, the underdog gallery, because ‘mi casa es tu casa’. You are welcome - indeed, encouraged - to bring ‘ofrendas’ - candles, notes, drawings - specially made to remember your loved ones who are no longer trapped in their humans bodies, but still fiercely alive in your heart and beautifully present in spirit. As a special bonus during the last five minutes of the session - once you have finished drawing the skull faced Carla and Manko - your host Jason Atomic, will guide you in drawing from heart and memory the face of the person - or people - you miss the most. You will then be able to leave your drawings on AMC's specially made altar, honouring the wonderful celebration, the aesthetically stunning, the soulful and meaningful, El día de los Muertos. As always we will, of course, have the perfect playlist, as eclectic as the cultural backgrounds within AMC itself! Expect lots of Mexican cumbias mixed up with latin hip hop and anglo rock and roll! - - - - - - - - - - - - Tickets: £15 in advance at 0r £20 cash on the door All levels welcome Bar, table spaces and some easels. Free paper and art materials courtesy by Great Art.

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