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Fri 6th Apr: Dicks n' Chicks A Solo Exhibition by Lg White

The Underdog Gallery is proud to present a new series of paintings called: 'Dicks and Chicks’ by Lg White. Opening Night - Friday 6th April from 6pm until late with a welcome drink and DJ's.

Our doors are open there is no need to RSVP. Click interested on our Facebook event page for updates leading up to the show. Exhibitions Dates - Friday 6th April to Thursday 26th April.

This show is dedicated to Livia, wife of the emperor Augustus and mother of Tiberius and all the other extraordinary women of the Roman Empire who subsequently and, against all odds, exerted a huge influence over their world for over 60 years. Both the ancient Greeks and Romans espoused the ambiguities of sexuality, sexual norms and power in an extraordinary way, remarkably prescient of our own emerging culture. LG's work exhibits a sense of humour that flies in the face of today's out of hand political correctness. History tells us that life is as simple as this: the one who sticks his dick in will be the one who is in power – so it has always been, and so it still is. But, though our world is populated with little Weinsteins and Saviles, let's hope that women can now stick their dick in too! Lg White graduat