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Fri 24th Feb: Sandals of Justice

Official Announcement From the Sandals of Justice

We, the Sandals of Justice, have an important announcement to make to you, our many groovy fans. It’s been driving us mad for months and we have just got to get it off our chests.

You see the thing is, we have just been missing your lovely faces so much, missing dancing all night with the best people on earth to the classiest of tunes, missing being able to laugh and throw ourselves around with gay abandon with you as though you had just been magically transported to Disneyland on a bouncy castle that we just can’t stand it one minute longer.

It seems like it’s been ages and frankly, we aren’t having it. Literally.

So the Sandals are are ecstatic to have to announce that the SOJ are to rise once again, like a wally raver Phoenix from the Flames, like the two horseman of the apocodecks and, along with our very special guest Robin ee from Freaky Disco, we shall endeavour to play you the kind of tunes to which you have become accustomed; the kind that make dads think they are John Travolta, and mums think they are Debbie McGee. It’s going to be a banger.

Oh, did we mention, not only does this huge event take place in one of London’s most beautiful venues, the Underdog Art Gallery nearest station, London Bridge Station, it’s also absolutely FREE?? How good is that?

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