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31st October: Evoke Archetypes IV: Tarot life drawing

After an extremely successful string of Tarot life drawing events, our host Gene Serene consulted the cards again, and lo and behold the majestic line-up of the fourth installment of the Tarot deck-based life art/ live music event on Samhain :

Strength - Chariot - Temperance Models will bring you the powerful triad of Major Arcana, posing for the audience of artists in classical Tarot poses and costumes.

EVOKE ARCHETYPES is an ongoing project by Gene Serene, Berlin-based singer/songwriter and our guest of this session, whom we are most lucky to invite during her brief visit in London to hail us with her original soundtrack, research, magick and insight of Evoking Archetypes for our London audience.

Gene says: “I first stumbled upon the tarot as a young girl and since have been fascinated by history, its many attributes and allegory as well as its more widely understood uses as a tool for self development, divination and spiritual communication. Last year I began my artists residency in Berlin and focused on the Major Arcana. I began working with these themes with the idea to compose and design a journey, creating music, writing words and designing symbols that resonate with these powerful archetypal energies.

Joining forces at the last AMC session surpassed my expectations and I am very much looking forward to creating a space and environment where not only do artists have a wonderful and unique opportunity to draw, but have specific music and words composed to actually call down these forces into the room.

Using the models as avatars, symbolically posed to represent these integral energies, the event manifests into a whole experience. I really do feel it allows us to be in the presence of these intangible and yet definite archtyepes that lie within and without us all… The tarot is a major path working tool in so may ways, and it's wonderful to have found this way to work with them."

Definitely not to be missed!

Only £15 on the door / Time 7pm -10pm

Free art materials available, but as ever - please bring your favourite tools.

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