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14th March: Life Drawing - Surrealist Italian Cinema

Inspired by Surrealist Italian cinema, expect amazing costumes based on fierce-out-of this-planet female characters! Three models - Maya, Manko and Carla - will steal Fellini's and Garrone’s visual references to create three impossible women looking amazingly neurotic and disturbingly erotic. Art Model Collective have invited Maya Petrovna as a guest of honour and a designer of this exclusive event. Prepare for a colourful tableaux vivant filled with dreams and nightmares inspired by Maya Petrovna's creative existence! Maya is a operatic vocalist and performance artist who has been building complex surrealist costumes and scenography’s for her solo shows. She will build special scenography for this life drawing session, using surreal textural graphic images and haunting projections inspired by some of Maya’s dreams and nightmares. The projected images will represent the rhythm, with models in costumes on stage representing the melody. This unmissable session will bring iconic, slightly psychotic and highly theatrical characters from the most remarkable cinematic masterpieces of Italy's playful surrealism. Join us this time to create beautiful art in the name of Maya's favourite dreams and nightmares! This session is one grand celebration of Italian surrealist cinema whose complex psychological stories have greatly influences not only our art but the our own perceptions of reality. We look forward to see you there for this very exclusive life drawing event with three models! 15th March 7-9pm Admission on the door: £15 Hosted by Jason Atomic. All levels welcome. We'll have some free art materials for spontaneously visiting artists, but as always, please bring your favourite tools. Chairs and drawing boards provided, some easels and table spaces available. Please join us for a drink afterwards. We're a friendly bunch of like-minded creatives and enjoy chatting, brainstorming, getting feedback and swapping ideas!

Carla and Manko's poses, inspired by Schiele's striking and still-shocking images, will reflect his "singular way of looking at the body, a mass of angular bone and almost flayed flesh, captured in a supremely elegant line."

We'll have some free art materials for spontaneously visiting artists, but as always, please bring your favourite tools (may we suggest red paint?)

Chairs and drawing boards provided, some table spaces available.

All levels welcome.



The Underdog


Crucifix Lane

London Bridge


3 mins walk from The Shard Exit of London Bridge Station, come out of the station, turn left at The Shard and walk down to the traffic lights, The Underdog is just across the lights on the left.

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