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17th Dec: RETRIBUTION ALIVE at The Underdog

Retribution Alive is coming to The Underdog

The Retribution Alive road trip continues in December as we make our way back south of the river and back to scene of the best Retribution Alive of 2016 so far - the Underdog Gallery! We have dual headliners in the form of London's very own Brule and Birmingham's newest doom masters Kroh! The Retribution club night keeps the neighbours awake until 1am! So far the diverse metalisation of Retribution Alive has breached the walls of such venues as the Intrepid Fox, Purple Turtle, 12 Bar, Black Heart, The Lounge, The Dev, Unicorn, Nambucca, Underdog Gallery, Wig & Gown, New Cross Inn, Fiddlers Elbow, Upstairs @ The Garage and the Plough & Harrow! Get along to December's edition at the Underdog Gallery!

On the door: £4 (Retribution members)

£6 (Everyone else)

Bands playing 6.20pm - 11.00pm


BRULE (headliners 2) Heavy metal/doom rock from London. A 4-piece influenced by Sabbath, Grand Funk, The Who, Mahavishnu Orchestra, Tony Williams' Lifetime, Pentagram, Witchfinder General, MC5, Iron Maiden, Rush, Triumph, Mountain and Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac. Ex and/or current members of Dusteroid, Pig Iron, Mourn, Evil Knievel, Blood Island Raiders, Grand Oral, Age Of Taurus... Recently played the HRH Doom Vs Stoner festival and are now ready to finish 2017 off in doomy style! BRULE FACEBOOK PAGE

******************************************** KROH (headliners 1) "A works of devastating heaviness and ominous gloom" - Terrorizer "Doom metal classic in waiting" - Metal Hammer "Heavier than an Osmium whale" - Kerrang "...the second Kroh album rises to a very different challenge, producing a resoundingly heavy solemn and mystical doom metal classic-in-waiting. From a crucial basis in big, valve-crackling riffs and resolute drum-thumping, Altars is shot through with artful touches, perfectly placed ghostly choirs, imperial synths and curious faraway melodies augmenting the expansive guitar tones." - TeamRock "With the competition in doom metal so fierce these days, has Altars done enough enough to showcase what KROH can do? That answer is an absolutely resounding yes. Altars has a certain charm about it, a spell that ensnares you and pulls you into it’s crushing and intoxicating vortex. The vocals of Oliwia Sobieszek act as a perfect counter-weight to the crushing backing sound of KROH, which makes the listening experience so much more immersive. Altars is a breathtaking record of haunting and chilling doom, a record that will capture your attention and intoxicate you across nine tracks of sheer brilliance. Make no mistake, KROH have crafted a gem of a record, one that can stand firmly with the biggest names in the genre. Rating: 10/10" - KROH FACEBOOK PAGE


PRISA MATA Stoner, sludge metal, psych, noise rock from London. "Their sound reminds me of some of the desert metal/rock from the likes of Kyuss, but dirtier with a topping of sludge and a understated psychedelic direction. They use a gutteral monosylabic scream style vocal which us used more as instrumentation rather than to deliver lyrics." - "A girl was seen clutching her ears with her mouth wide open for a good minute whilst adjusting to the impact of the band." PRISA MATA FACEBOOK PAGE


FUCKJAR "Fuckjar deliver all the stoner sludgy riffing you could ask for make for with well thought out and slammin' tracks perfect for headbangers universally. An extreme metal style screamed vocal which adds a great intensity to the overall sound." - FUCKJAR FACEBOOK PAGE


ALLFATHER The light is dying and if you're going to rage against it, you’ll need all the furious volume you can muster. Dealing out titanic riffs and lacerating vocals since 2014, Allfather combine sludge metal nihilism with hardcore punk aggression to forge a harsh yet defiant soundtrack to the darkest of times. From humble beginnings, Allfather have honed their line-up into a hard-hitting five piece, channelling heavyweight songcraft through a classic dual guitar assault. Allfather’s members come from a variety of musical backgrounds and draw on a range of influences, but the band’s sound coalesces around riff-driven metal, with the likes of Down, High On Fire, Nails, Black Breath, Iron Monkey and Electric Wizard forming musical touchstones. Lyrically the band’s concerns spring from a burning frustration at the times we live in, with occasional forays into the tortured minds of Dostoevskian madmen and vengeful gods. ALLFATHER FACEBOOK PAGE


SURYA The band was formed with the idea of exploring the depths of music rather than staying on the surface, connecting with themselves and everything around them. For Surya, music and art in general are powerful tools for conveying ideas, like human/animal liberation and going back to Nature, and a whole spectrum of emotions. The music is a mix of heaviness and subtle sonic landscapes, ugliness and beauty. Earth, Water, Air and Fire- all in it's eternal dance of creation and destruction. Surya is about bringing light through understanding the darkness. SURYA FACEBOOK PAGE


Resident DJs: DJ 69 (Retribution Alive / Bloodstock's Club Serpent / Intrepid Fox / Unholy / Synthetic Culture / Bloodstock's In New Blood We Trust) DJ GRIFFIN (Retribution Alive / Bloodstock's Club Serpent / Intrepid Fox / Sonic Rebellion / Heaven and Hell / Garage Dayz) + guest: DJ Griz (Bloodstock Festival / DesertFest / Underdog Gallery) RETRIBUTION CLUB NIGHT: Expect a whole host of metal exploring many of the genres lurking in the metal shadows and of course the classics from resident DJs 69 and Griffin (Bloodstock's Club Serpent) + guests. RETRIBUTION DIRECTIVES 1) Serve the METAL public 2) Protect the METAL 3) Uphold the METAL 4) Not classified - METAL! You get the idea! In previous months you could hear everything from Destroyer 666 to Ihsahn, Sabbath to Anathema, Kampfar to Down, Ghost to Metallica, Children of Bodom to Black Breath, Dio to Carcass, In Flames to Alice In Chains, Amon Amarth to Watain, Jex Thoth to Death, Fen to Primordial, The Heretic Order to Famyne, Blood Ceremony to Cannibal Corpse - you get the idea! Remember, tell us what you want to hear! See you there!



The Underdog


Crucifix Lane

London Bridge


3 mins walk from The Shard Exit of London Bridge Station, come out of the station, turn left at The Shard and walk down to the traffic lights, The Underdog is just across the lights on the left.


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