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23rd Sept: The Blue Fez - Burlesque and Cabaret

Welcome to The Blue Fez!

A place of truly thrilling burlesque and cabaret set amongst unique art which surrounds the show. A hotbed of sights and sounds that capture the fervour of escapism, romance, and wild imagination. With eyes fixed upon the addictive spectacles of each and every performer, lose yourself in a world of art, hidden opulence, provocative acts, and unforgettable entertainment. Starring: LUNA ROSA, The "Body of Burlesque" and Producer of The Blue Fez. BENJAMIN LOUCHE, your deviant, serenade host. PETE SAUNDERS, the legendary blues pianist. And special guests: LADA REDSTAR, the hot pin up from the cold! AYESHA H, bullwhip bombshell! KAI HOFFMAN, sought-after jazz sensation! AND MORE!! Stay tuned.... TICKETS:

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