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8th - 24th July 2016 - Billy Chainsaw presents... "...WALK RIGHT OUT OF THE FILM"


"Leave everything you ever thought and did and said and walk right out of the film" - William S. Burroughs

On Friday 8th July 2016 come down to The Underdog for an opening of brand new art and live music.

Featuring all new art by...

Billy Chainsaw Shaky Kane Kitty Finegan and Jason Atomic

LAUNCH PARTY Friday 8th July 6pm - 1am

Live music on launch night from FALLOW (Derek Thompson: Hoodlum Preist/SPK) + DJs

8th - 24th July 2016

Opening Times Tues-Fri: 11am - 7pm Sat-Sun: 11am - 5pm

BILLY CHAINSAW presents an art exhibition inspired by a passage in beat author/artist William S. Burroughs’ story ‘The End’ (from his 1973 book ‘Exterminator!’) that reads: ‘…leave everything you ever thought and did and said behind and walk right out of the film…’

The exhibition combines two of CHAINSAW’s greatest inspirations: cinema, and the cut up work of his metaphysical muse, William S. Burroughs.

CHAINSAW will be unveiling new mixed-media solo artworks, as well as his never before seen collaborations with SHAKY KANE and KITTY FINEGAN, and exclusive new artworks by JASON ATOMIC.

The artists’ combined vision is a frenzied pop art collision between the real and the imagined, one that is as stimulating as it is entertaining.


Chainsaw has exhibited in numerous group shows in such far-flung locations as Brighton and Los Angeles, and staged two solo shows at London’s Horse Hospital gallery. His other achievements include creating fabric for cutting edge design company Charles of London; merchandise for legendary experimental filmmaker/artist Jeff Keen’s retrospective at the Brighton Museum & Art Gallery; art for indie superstars The Fall’s 13 Killers album; and contributions to the book Cut Up! An Anthology Inspired By The Cut Up Method Of William S. Burroughs And Brion Gysin.

Although Chainsaw admits his first great love was American comic books, since his early teens, the self-taught artist developed a fascination with masks, the movies and magick. They’re ever-present elements in his mixed-media pop art, which also reference such diverse sources as cartoon surrealism, tattoos, and Lucha Libre. However, Chainsaw’s primary driving force is William S. Burroughs – perpetually employing the beat author/artist’s “open your mind and let the pictures out” adage whenever he’s creating art.


SHAKY KANE emerged on the UK comic scene in the mid-80s, drawing for such publications as The NME, Escape, Deadline, 2000 AD, Judge Dredd the Megazine and Revolver.

He is one of a group of artists who have grown out of late 20th century pop culture influenced by Punk Rock, Comic Books, American Pop Culture and Late Night TV.

Often described as both hallucinatory and psychedelic, Kane’s work pushes at the limits of taste, dragging a scalpel down the veil of illusion making you see the world as it really is.

Shaky came to comics via the work of artist such as Ed ‘Big Daddy’ Roth, Savage Pencil, Jack Kirby, Brett Ewins and Brendan McCarthy. He was influenced from a young age by the Punk Scene- not just the music, but the distinctive flyer and poster art that advertised the shows.

He is currently working on several comic book projects for major American publishers.


Kitty Finegan produces memorable, mischievous, and occasionally timeless art; infused with colour, emotion and a dusting of Razzle Dazzle. Her love of lists, catalogues and setting the scene has steered her work into themes; concentrating on the female form and all of its emotional and physical entanglements. Simple ideas mingled with intricate graphic detail, juicy colour schemes and a snazzy title, reflect Kitty Finegan's passions: 1960's hair doo's, comics, pin-up art, one-liners and early printing methods.

Kitty's work is intended to take the viewer on a visual journey through the styles, culture and colour schemes of the 1950's 60's & 70's. She sprinkles her own blend of high-gloss 21st century glamor over era-defining subjects including synchronized swimmers, tattooed pin-up girls and roller disco-belles.

She intentionally presents women of different ages, ethnic origin and stature as beautiful, desirable creatures with their own story & persona to discover.


In recent years Jason Atomic has been best know for curating group shows and performance events celebrating different aspects of underground pop culture. These include: The Iconography Of Mask; Hail To The King (a tribute to comics Legend Jack Kirby); Image Duplicator (Comic artists responding to a Lichtenstein respective); Come To The Sabbat, Festival Of Dark Arts (now celebrating it’s 2nd year); The Satanic Flea Market and Satanic Mojo Comix; and collaborations with fashion houses Charles of London & Milkboy Tokyo.

For this show Atomic returns to the core of his practice, life drawing. Atomic has never been without a sketchbook during the last four decades, and the images in this show are all derived from those sketchbooks – many having been sketched during life events drawing with his muse Manko and the Art Model Collective.

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