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“Binns has his characters absolutely nailed and mines the comic seam ruthlessly to create top quality entertainment with practically universal appeal.” The Guardian

GUFFAW COMEDY CLUB is delighted to welcome the extraordinarily gifted comedian TOM BINNS and his characters, hospital radio DJ IVAN BRACKENBURY

and spirit medium IAN D MONTFORT,

with very special guest, ELLIE TAYLOR


Doors open 8.00pm, show starts 9.00pm.


‘Audiences are laughing their heads off’ – Metro

He’s bonkers!

Ivan Brackenbury’s fantastic ‘Hospital Radio Roadshow’, complete with inappropriate records and bungled cues, is now a regular fixture on the live circuit. A daft, inept yet adorable radio DJ takes you on a hilarious broadcasting journey. This is a unique, wonderfully brilliant show, guaranteed to make you cry with laughter.

Ivan captures the fun and excitement you’d expect from being in hospital, with games, giveaways, patients requests and his special blend of music and chat. An absolute must-see.

‘Deliciously enjoyable’ – The Guardian


“Ian D Montfort, is a spookily skilful, wonderfully observed and hysterically funny character who contacts dead celebrities with incredible results. A monster hit at the Edinburgh Fringe” TIME OUT LONDON

“Ian D Montford, a gloriously deadpan pseudo-psychic. His show – Touching the Dead begins with laughable attempts to work the audience and and then Binns starts unleashing faintly inexplicable clairvoyant revelations, leaving most of the room gasping with incredulity. So he can spoof it, and really ‘do it’”. TELEGRAPH

“Binns makes a triumphant return as the Sunderland psychic Ian D Montfort, mixing eerily good cold-reading skills with a joyful debunking of the genre” INDEPENDENT

“…the character remains hilarious even as the tricks become remarkable. is is two shows for the price of one: pin-sharp character comedy and metaphysical magic to boot” GUARDIAN

“ e style of the act is genius – if it works, it’s impressive, if it doesn’t work, well it’s all part of the joke” CHORTLE

“ e show is a spectacular tour-de-force, showcasing Binns’ exceptional acting and comedic talent” FRINGE REVIEW

Best International Act, New Zealand Comedy Festival

Chortle Award Nominee

Double Sony Gold Winner

Edinburgh Comedy Award Nominee

Double Comedian Nominee Adelaide Fringe

Top 50 Most Memorable Gigs of the Decade, Chortle

MySpace Comedy Finalist

Top 10 Fosters Comedy God

????? in Chortle,

????? in Telegraph

????? in Time Out

????? in Metro

????? in Spotlight

????? in Three Weeks

????? in Fringe Review

Plus fantastic support from ELLIE TAYLOR, as seen on ‘Snog, Marry, Avoid’

Ellie’s been doing stand up comedy since 2010. She likes it.

She’s also done telly stuff since then. She likes that too.

Below are some nice things people have said about her and then a showy-offy list of projects she’s been involved in. She likes these also cos she’s a show off.

Most of all though, she really likes breakfast cereal which isn’t really relevant from a professional point of view, but someone from Kelloggs might read this and send her a variety pack.

“Fantastic!” – Kate Copstick

“Radiates natural charisma… blessed with great flair” The Guardian

“Smart, self-mocking and telegenic, it’s hard to see what else is going to stand in Taylor’s way.” The Scotsman

“Charismatic, personable and bright” – Chortle

“Sparkling and energetic company… the potential to go on to really great things.” – Three Weeks

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