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Paintings of Matthew Small and Robert Sample.

Matthew Small and Robert Sample join forces to create a joint show here at the Underdog Gallery, both artists have been slaving in their studios to create some of the most vibrant portrait figurative and darkly abstract pieces. These two relatively young artists in my mind are at the pinnacle of the London art scene with talent in abundance; this show is going to prove to be one not to be missed! Matt and Rob will be working in residence at the Underdog Gallery in the week running up to the opening night creating collaborative art pieces specially for the Show, in the gallery, with all welcome to come and visit to see these amazing creations taking shape.

We look forward to seeing you on Thursday 25th April or before, work available for sale from the private view, will be able to be previewed if you visit the gallery during the residence period.

Artists statement Exhibition by Matt Small & Rob Sample

This show is a collection of new work created especially for this exhibition entitled, “Discombobulated”, bringing together the two obscure minds of Matt Small and Robert Sample.

Working in collaboration, Small & Sample merge themes and amalgamate subjects, battling with their own perplexities and sometimes bewildering acts of making work. Small & Sample bring together there their own unique painting and making styles, breaking up images and bringing them together to create a disorientating mass of limbs, heads and torsos, each work having direct relation to the next.

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