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Down The Rabbit Hole

Come and celebrate Eostre with us here at The Underdog Gallery!

We will be having a night of great music great visuals cool art and cool people..

DJ’s on the night will be DJ Son of Son Of Noise fame spinning old School hip hop and funk classics.. DJ Son was a pioneer of original UK HipHop blazing a trail for Underground British HipHop back in the day, they are still Killing it on the Stage 20 years later… Check out the 4our Pillars HipHop event we have coming up in June and you will see these guys are still as important to the Underground London HipHop scene as they always were!

We also have Gareth CherryStones. With everyone from The Gaslamp Killer to The Guardian proclaiming his path defining influence, Cherrystones has been keeping hips whining and minds warping with his frenzied selections of sound and image from the global annals of music and movie history otherwise forgotten, overlooked, or misunderstood for well over a decade now.

Through his live sets, mixes, compilations, and film festival curations, Cherrystones has gained renown for enmeshing the ethos’ and reverberations of previously estranged past and present worlds; re-contextualising fuzzed out rock, global psychedelia, the evocative soundscapes of krautrock, and the mesmeric imagery of esoteric cinema for attentive audiences from Tokyo to LA with an impulse for innovation and cultural impiety only a formative background in Punk, 60’s psych and Rap could’ve bestowed. Offstage, whether scoring for film, or crafting beats to make faces collapse and necks snap, this heady alchemy of cultural inputs feeds back into the output of a producer who’s inimitable perspective on sound and deep cognizance of imagery provides a diverse and rich palette of experience for heads to find or lose themselves in. All combined, Cherrystones’ renowned ability for prescience and intensity through wax and celluloid ensures his pyretic selections in the moment will continue to become fertile reference points for current music and film cultures to plot new futures with.

We look forward to seeing you here at The Underdog Gallery!

Entry B4 11pm £5 after £7 Free if you sign up to our mailing list and if you like our Facebook page Underdog Gallery … Happy Eostre!

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