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On the Edge of Wrong

We are proud to present new works by Rankle & Reynolds, two British artists who have been working collaboratively since 2010.

On the Edge of Wrong presents a visual dialogue between the two artists making visible the risk-taking inherent in both working in turn on a series of individual canvases.

A tension builds as diverse ideas are allowed to co-exist and develop. These most recent works take cues from the luminous, yet challenging landscapes of Claude Lorrain and Philip James de Loutherberg and add dynamic abstraction alongside great visual depth creating images of remarkable emotive power and apocalyptic intensity.

On the Edge of Wrong launches on Friday 29 November with a private view and showcases a series of remarkable paintings developed from themes in Reynolds’ seminal series of light drawing photographs. This series entitled Following Darkness saw Reynolds making long exposure photographs drawing with a variety of light sources in a woodland at dusk.

The locations of the photographs themselves were inspired by elements of Rankle’s paintings and reflected concerns shared by both artists.

The show opens to the public on Saturday 30 November and runs until 11 January 2014.

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