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Rock N Roll Poster Riot! 2

The next poster Riot is coming to the Underdog gallery on Sat 20th March, with Brilliant limited edition gig poster art, graphic art,LSD blotter art, and live music in the belly of the Underdog. We have some of the UK’s top gig poster artists, including MIchael Cowell, Rhys Wooton, Luke Drozd, Handcooked poster’s (Douglas Walker) and many more. We will also be showing some excellent graphic art and screen prints from some of the poster artists and local graphic artists. We have six bands playing on the day down in the belly of the Underdog!

RUNNING ORDER: CUJO (Psychedelic inner space jam) STUBB accoustic gig (Riff rattle n Roll) DUSTEROID (Heavy Boozer Rock with a weed chaser) Admiral Sir Cloudsley Shovel (Nautical but nice Rum N Roll!) Grifter (Guinness fueled Southern Rock N fucking Roll) Gorilla (Heavy 70’s retro Rockers) Gonga (Heavy stoner Rock from the Bristol based trio)

The show will be an all day event starting from 2pm till late, bands starting from 4pm. But get here early to avoid disappointment its first come first serve for the gig as its only a 40 capacity in the Belly.

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