Sylwia Makris

Sylwia Makris is an educated sculptor but fine art photography has been her main visual medium for several years. Sylwia’s creative expression fuses photography with traditional painting and sculpting techniques inspired by old masters and silhouettes of contemporary culture. Her quest produces images that may delight or disturb but always move the beholder. She photographs people. People who are strong or delicate, broken or dynamic. Nakedness is the most natural state. And in our day the most intrusive and common naked bodies are used to tempt, advertise and sell. Nakedness can only say as much as it is allowed to say. Sylwia Makris respects the nude body as part of a story that must be told. As part of a story that tells of people, nakedness regains its original magic, its archaic power and its complexity of expression in Makris' photos.


Sylwia has produced a new series of work based on the Major Arcana cards of the Tarot exclusive to The Underdog London.

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