Tom Lewis

Born in Birmingham is 1979, Tom Lewis currently lives and works in Tottenham, a place with high visibility, perfect for his artistic creation. He has been passionated about art since an early age, so he started taking fine arts courses in middle school and then at the University of Middlesex. His characters come from dreams, as well as from mythology...... His imagination combines with old myths. In an approach which is close to an obsession, the artist observes everything that surrounds him, especially people who are out of the ordinary. Tom explores numerous fields such as painting, sculpture and printing. He uses a variety of techniques as well: markers, varnish, cardboard, digital camara, computer, his fingers.​

"Stories are what make us human. We tell stories, we listen to stories, we live inside stories. Perhaps our souls are nothing but tiny, decorative, multi-dimensional blankets we pull over our shivering brains, woven from delicate threads of narrative. Put another way, we are basically walking story sausages, made from the gristle, teeth and occasionally delicious bits of dead stories. Or, if you prefer a less meaty analogy, we're like a conscious story Cheestring (vegan obvs), made from the scum you sieve from the top of a pot of boiling story. That's a problematic example. I would imagine a Cheestring that had attained consciousness immediately loses veganic viability. Perhaps someone could enlighten me?..." Tom Lewis

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