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COMING UP Sun 29th Sept with Emi Watanabe, Nick Cohen, Patrick Wood – Beyond Haiku

A collaboration between Japanese traditional flutist, Emi Watanabe, soundscape/bassist Nick Cohen and composer/producer Patrick Wood.

Free Entry from 14:00-20:00 Emi Watanabe - “Beyond Haiku” Emi Watanabe was born in Japan where she trained in traditional flutes. Emi plays three different types of traditional flutes – Ryuteki, Nohkan and Shinobue. She has been invited to perform with numerous musicians since she moved to the UK in 1995, including Jah Wobble, David Toop, Pat Thomas and Clive Bell in various duos, trios and others. After an improvisatory set at Cafe Oto in October 2017, Stewart Smith stated: “The arguable highlight of the four days was the set by Thomas, Okkyung Lee and Emi Watanabe. Abstract cello and bamboo flute effects…curlew like whoops from Watanabe. Even at its quietest, there’s a physicality to the sound, not least from Watanabe, whose bamboo flute tone is woody and kinetic. Together they invent a beautiful group language: clear, airy and hard.” The Wire, October 2017. The 8 Haiku are by Prof. Naokatsu Kato, and translated by Natsuki Sasaki. Prof. Kato specialises in Linguistics, Philosophy, Ethics and Literature. He is an honorary professor of Jichi Medical University in Japan. Emi Watanabe is joined for this unique performance by soundscape/bassist, Nick Cohen and composer/producer, Patrick Wood. They will provide the sonic backdrop into which the Haiku and flute will blend. DJ Jazzie Geoff will be spinning some of the coolest sounds on vinyl for your listening pleasure before, between and after the live sets. Haiku is a very short form of Japanese poetry, typically characterised by three qualities: 1. “cutting” - the juxtaposition of two images or ideas. 2. Three phases of 5, 7 and 5 syllables. 3. A seasonal refere

nce (Kigo). This is a YOCA CLUB event produced by YOKOHAMA CALLING. Join our mailing list on our website to be notified about our other FREE and paid events, video releases and other news. _______________________________ Yokohama Calling is a UK based operation working with Japanese artists to promote Japanese music and culture outside of Japan. The vision is to bring UK and Japanese artists together - to foster the spirit of collaboration, to create new bonds and make great music.

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