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Tues 15th Jan Life Drawing: Russian Wintertales

On the first AMC session of the year, we’re welcoming 2019 with a celebration of the Old New Year, guest co-directed by Zoetica Ebb, honouring the mysterious deities of Russian folklore. Gather ‘round frosty scenes accompanied by evocative readings of winter tales, in English and in Russian, as our models Manko and Moscow-born Zoetica introduce you to a cast of mythical sylphs and dryads – stars of stories dating back to the country’s pagan roots, recited around festive tables and whispered at bedtimes for hundreds of years. According to the Julian calendar still used by the Russian Orthodox church today, the Old New Year falls on January 14th. Russian Orthodoxy is a fusion of christianity and old-world paganizm, which has made for a folk culture steeped in dark mysticism and superstition. In this enchanted realm, seasons are personified, harvests are holy, animals speak, forests mumble, and dark corners teem with all manner of strange creatures. Some are good, others evil, and others yet can grant you wishes - for a price. Womanhood, too, is sacred, spellbinding. The women in Russian fables are oracles, sorceresses, shapeshifters; a legion of powerful, nuanced beings, whose allegiances take entire sagas to discern. Artists worldwide have long paid tribute to these magnetic characters, and now we invite you to try your hand at capturing them. Join us for a unique evening of ancient folklore and opulent costumes, set your intentions for the coming year, and immerse yourself in the magic of Russian Wintertales. All levels welcome, join our friendly and social crowd of regulars! Full bar, and themed, stirring soundtrack. Table spaces, comfy seats and easels. Free paper and art materials, courtesy of Great Art. Tickets: £15 in advance, £20 cash on the door. ❄️ Text and graphic by Zoetica, art by Vyacheslav Nazaruk and P. J. Lynch

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