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Fri 24th Aug Live Music: Psychedelic & Stoner Rock

Live At The Underdog London presents 3 of the best bands in the UK Psychedelic & Stoner rock scene. FREE ENTRY on Friday 24th August doors from 6pm to 1am. LIVE MUSIC from 8pm to 11pm. Check out the videos on our thread below and share with your pals it's been TOO long. THE BROTHERS KEG The chronicles of and lore of The Brothers Keg. The personnel listed here are not the Brothers Keg, merely the Bards of their legend. Heavy/Psychedelic/Loud - all you need to know! The Lunar Effect The Lunar Effect are a four piece psychedelic rock band from London and Hertfordshire. DERELICS Started in 2014 as a stoner band, Derelics, from jam to jam and from trip to trip, turned into a colourful experiment in cooking various styles into a kaleidoscopic stew, taking funk, folk or even dub to earth shaking parallel dimensions, without forgetting their grittty rock and blues roots. LET'S PARTY BROTHERS AND SISTERS!

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