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Tues 29th May: AMC presents BOYS LOVE

On this extraordinary evening, AMC introduce our followers to a pair of gorgeous male guest models! In this session curated by Carla, two professional models Riccardo andAntónio - partners in performance, in crime and in love,- will share with us their lust for life in a fabulous display of passion and affection. This session will shine the Underdog Gallery’s lights on the intimacy and complicity of two models who are, in both their personal and public life, as devoted to each other as they are to the objects of their pleasures and desires. First they will invite the artist into their dressing room, offering a rare and privileged opportunity to spy on a moment of intense intimacy. They will be posing as artists draw them in meticulous preparation. You will glimpse them doing their make up and trying on fabulous pieces of clothing, in a relaxing yet intoxicating atmosphere full of anticipation. This moment of intimacy will be followed by the chance to capture them in all their splendour, as they strike a pose ready to be the owners of the night. From these two beautiful models and alternative quirky performers, we should expect nothing less than splendid, eclectic and luminous outfits, extravagant accessories, red lipstick and flexible poses in high heels - they are, by far and away, the best styled double act on the queer scene! Boy, you can’t possibly miss this! __________________________ Hosted by Carla Tofano Admission: £15 on the door Bar, evocative soundtrack, two models, like-minded group of creatives, at a perfect location just a few minute walk from London Bridge station. We'll have some free art materials for spontaneously visiting artists, but as always, please bring your favourite tools. Chairs and drawing boards provided, some easels and table spaces available. All levels welcome.

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