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Tues 1st May: Power To The People! AMC

MayDay is a date of a huge importance to AMC, and this theme was chosen by us in a considered and symbolic way. The 1st of May is an ancient European spring festival…one that Art Model Collective celebrated in its very FIRST session two years ago! However, 1st of May has also been a focal point for demonstrations by various international socialist, communist and anarchist groups. This May Day Art model Collective will celebrate their sentiment and aesthetic. On May 1st 1886 American workers went on strike in order to fight or an eight hour working day and bring to an end the unsafe working practices. Socialists and trade unionists around the world chose May 1 to become International Workers' Day. Since then it has become known as Labour Day, Workers’ Day or May Day - an annual celebration for the working classes and labourers, promoted by the international labour movement. Our models - Carla and Manko - will be standing strong and proud amongst all the symbols that have made the labour-inspired art so relevant when it comes to expressing International solidarity towards the struggle of the proletariat. For this session, the aesthetic of propaganda posters by the Soviet Communist Party will sit alongside colourful American Pop Art in order to portray a modern industrial landscape. Two subversive female workers will stand - tools aloft, chests out and chins up - urging people to fight for their freedom giving POWER TO THE PEOPLE! It promises to be a blast, as well as the perfect opportunity to immerse yourselves into some humorous and political illustrations. Red will feature strongly in this session, so come prepared! Please join our Life Drawing Revolution and bring your combative spirit to fill your sketch books with Labour Day images - in perfect preparation for the Local Elections which take place on May 3rd - don’t forget to use your vote! ___________________________ Bar, evocative soundtrack, two models, like-minded group of creatives, at a perfect location just a few minute walk from London Bridge station. Admission: £15 on the door We'll have some free art materials for spontaneously visiting artists, but as always, please bring your favourite tools. Chairs and drawing boards provided, some easels and table spaces available. All levels welcome. Hosted by Jason Atomic

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