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Tues 17th Apr: AMC life drawing with Lg White

Art Model Collective are bringing an extravagant gender-bending multi-model life drawing session! Statuesque models, Manko and Rachel (AMC model debutante!), will pose in white-painted and draped “tableaux vivant” with costumes and irreverent props, to recreate the plaster-cast effect of the exhibition 'Dicks ’n’ Chicks’ by Lg White, which will surround them on the walls of Underdog gallery. Bar, evocative soundtrack, two models, like-minded group of creatives, at a perfect location just a few minute walk from London Bridge station. Admission: £15 on the door We'll have some free art materials for spontaneously visiting artists, but as always, please bring your favourite tools. Chairs and drawing boards provided, some easels and table spaces available. All levels welcome. Hosted by Jason Atomic ------------------- Dicks 'n' Chicks exhibition is dedicated to Livia, wife of the emperor Augustus and mother of Tiberius and all the other extraordinary women of the Roman Empire who subsequently and, against all odds, exerted a huge influence over their world for over 60 years. Both the ancient Greeks and Romans espoused the ambiguities of sexuality, sexual norms and power in an extraordinary way, remarkably prescient of our own emerging culture. Lola White graduated with her masters in Fine and Commercial Arts in Antwerp where Rubens and many old master painters honed their skills. With the knowledge and techniques given to her by her Dutch heritage and education, she moved around the globe in search of Art: Paris, then New York, Lg White finally moved to London in 2010. LG's work exhibits a sense of humour that flies in the face of today's out of hand political correctness. History tells us that life is as simple as this: the one who sticks his dick in will be the one who is in power – so it has always been, and so it still is. But, though our world is populated with little Weinsteins and Saviles, let's hope that women can now stick their dick in too! ---------------------

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