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Sat 26th May: Lacertilia, Derelics & Green Lung

FREE entry all night, a fully stocked bar, loud live music, 3 nutty bands - what more do you want on a Saturday night....

LACERTILIA Lacertilia are a throbbing, psychosonic groove rock colossus with punk attitude and psychedelic tendencies. Imagine a heavy metal Doors or a kaleidoscopic Motorhead and you're almost there . . an inebriating cocktail of monster riffs, trancey grooves and primal white hot energy. Shamanic heaviness for the wild and the free. Matthew Fry - Vocals Lucas Zalunski - Guitars Michael Young-Temple - Guitars Tom Cole - Bass Carl Richards - Drums DERELICS Started in 2014 as a stoner band, Derelics, from jam to jam and from trip to trip, turned into a colourful experiment in cooking various styles into a kaleidoscopic stew, taking funk, folk or even dub to earth shaking parallel dimensions, without forgetting their grittty rock and blues roots. Have a sip, their 2nd EP is out as soon as they put some clothes on. LET'S PARTY BROTHERS AND SISTERS! Rich - Drums Charlie - Bass Reno - Guitars/Vocals Mushroom man - Producer/spiritual counseling GREEN LUNG Green Lung combine crushing heaviness with soaring hooks, summoning up the proto-metal spectres of Black Sabbath and Pentagram, the psychedelic heft of heavy prog and the anthemic gloom of Danzig and Type O Negative; all the while dragging those influences into the 21st Century and sculpting them into a sound that is entirely their own. Hailing from South London and made up of vocalist Tom Templar, guitarist Scott Masson, bassist Andrew Cave and drummer Matt Wiseman, the band released their debut EP, Free the Witch, in February 2018. Tom Templar – Vocals Scott Masson – Guitar Andrew Cave – Bass Matt Wiseman – Drums

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