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Sat 19th May: Retributive Alive

The Retribution Alive road trip halts in May as we stay at the Underdog Gallery in London Bridge for part two of the 'Wasteland Series', a two event celebration of everything doom, sludge, stoner, groove and everything inbetween... and beyond! Part one will also take place at the same venue on Saturday 21st April. We have joint headliners this month with doom-stoner-classic-rockers LIMB launching their 3rd album alongside the cold, gothic, doom sound of COLD IN BERLIN. Main support comes from ambient, post-sludge machine HUNDRED YEAR OLD MAN from Leeds and more! The Retribution club night keeps the neighbours awake until 1am! £5 advance tickets available here: £9.50 April/May 2-in-1 advance ticket available here: So far the diverse metalisation of Retribution Alive has breached the walls of such venues as the Intrepid Fox, Scala, The Lounge, Purple Turtle, Black Heart, The Dev, Electrowerktz, Unicorn, Nambucca, Underdog Gallery, Big Red, 12 Bar, New Cross Inn, Fiddlers Elbow, Amersham Arms, Wig & Gown, Amwell Arms, Upstairs @ The Garage, Kings Arms and the Plough & Harrow! Get along to April's edition at the Underdog Gallery! LIMB "Limb immediately up the ante with a performance that blows the crowd away and the preceding bands out of the water. Lit by a single lamp from the side of the stage, Rebellion packs out for a shadowy master class in doom; devastating guitars crunch in perfect harmony behind frontman Rob Hoey's uniquely commanding gravelly tones whilst he prowls the stage, inciting crowd involvement at every opportunity." - COLD IN BERLIN "A mesmerising set of doomy, goth infused tracks" - Metal Hammer "Translators for our imploding society" - ArtRocker "A dark whirlpool of noise" - Mojo "It's the edgy and abrasive album many bands lack the experience to write..." - Dominion / Terrorizer HUNDRED YEAR OLD MAN "Pushing even further into the abyss, this new work opens with Sun & Moon and a monstrous slab of heaving guitars fall out of the atmospheric beginnings. Paul Broughton's vocal erupts and the track explodes into life, destroying everything in its path until the shadows return to close, leading the way into an interlude that corrodes and drifts before joining these two monolithic pieces together. The title track demonstrates the staggering ambition that Hundred Year Old Man posses. Ripping into a cathartic sludge reminiscent of Neurosis at their best, it's a towering, immersive, nine minute journey that refuses to loosen its grip until the dying moments." BEGGAR Smashing through the Earth's mantle on the back of an isotope slug. "...they hit the spot, club you over the head and rifle through your pockets whilst you are still in a stupor. All good in my book." - Ave Noctum CHAMBERS Chambers are a Sister Doom duo based in Hull and Leeds, consisting of Aeris Houlihan on guitar/vocals and Ellie Churchill on drums. Chambers incorporate heavy and hefty riffs alongside raucous rhythms, with a lyrically powerful message. "Chambers are a really special, hard hitting, unforgiving duo" - Robert Bruce, (Huw Stephens) BBC Radio 1 SPIRAL TOMB Doom metal by the grace of the Old Ones featuring ex-members of Hagstone. Debut performance! Resident DJs: DJ 69 (Retribution Alive / Bloodstock's Club Serpent / Intrepid Fox / Unholy / Synthetic Culture / Bloodstock's In New Blood We Trust) DJ GRIFFIN (Retribution Alive / Bloodstock's Club Serpent / Intrepid Fox / Sonic Rebellion / Heaven and Hell / Garage Dayz) + guest Price: - £4 (Retribution members OTD) - £5 (Advance tickets): - £7 (Everyone else OTD) - £9.50 (April/May Double Advance ticket) Wasteland Series Part 1 - Saturday 21st April @ Underdog Gallery: GROAN, THE BROTHERS KEG, SAIL, JUKEBOX MONKEY, SEASON OF THE WITCH, ORPHAN GEARS Wasteland Series Part 2- Saturday 19th May @ Underdog Gallery: LIMB, COLD IN BERLIN, HUNDRED YEAR OLD MAN, BEGGAR, CHAMBERS, SPIRAL TOMB RETRIBUTION ALIVE is supported by: METALTALK | HIGHSPEED HANGOVER PODCAST | METAL WARRIORS | SONIC REBELLION | DENIM & LEATHER | SURF THE APOCALYPSE CLOTHING | SEVEN CRIMSON DESIGNS

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