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Sat 7th Apr: Punk 4 Mental Health

Punk4MentalHealth presents for 1 night only the Underdog Punk bash. Special guests performing: Bruno Wizard & The Homosexuals A rare and special appearance exclusively for P4MH - The Homosexuals formed out of the ashes of The Rejects in London in 1976. The Homosexuals railed against The Establishment controlling not only the media, but also the means of production and distribution as well. In 1977 The Homosexuals gave birth almost single-handedly to the D.I.Y./post-punk/art-punk squat aesthetic movement in London. The Homosexuals are still active, in the form of their creator and main thinker Bruno Wizard. Working with a new generation of radical artists, Wizard is connecting like-minded conscious souls who never did and never will give up. "Simply put, one of the most flawlessly great British punk/post-punk bands." -WFMU "The Homosexuals were, by all accounts, one of those late-1970s UK garage-punk bands that deserved to reach a wider audience alongside icons like the Sex Pistols, the Clash, and all the rest." -Marc Hogan, Pitchfork "I just had the closest thing to a religious experience since my bar mitzvah... The Homosexuals played the most dynamic, explosive set I've seen in a couple years." -The Washington Post The Phobics - Formed in Deptford in 1999 by a bunch of punk survivors and misfits with a love of raw rock n roll and bored with a smug and complacent music scene. Sometimes tight, sometimes not. Occasionally sober but always eventful, faster and louder. A kick up the arse with great tunes that’ll hook you deep. TRZ - Resident P4MH artist - Tara Rez, Singer, Songwriter, Lyricist & co Founder of pivotal UK DIY Punk Wave band The Duel performing rare 'Acoustix' set with special guest Brunk - Resident P4MH artist - BRUNK! is a inclusive punk and ska, brass and drum band based in NW London. Pistolhead- 3 piece punk rock outfit from London, playing garage punk, frowning at avocados, scaring your parents and not listening to radio 1. PLUS SUBLIME FFRUK WAVE PUNK DJs DJ Kieran Dj Mystique

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