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Fri 17th Nov: Vandal With Care Art with Charlie McFarley & TACOT

The Underdog Gallery is proud to present VANDAL WITH CARE featuring artists CHARLIE McFARLEY & TACOT. Please join us at the opening, for a showcase of exciting new works including paintings, sculpture and installation. Opening Night - Friday 17th November 6pm - 10pm with after show party until 1am. FREE ENTRY. Show runs to 26th November.

RSVP to or click GOING on our facebook event page

VANDAL WITH CARE is a satirical view of contemporary consumerism and the consumption of things, the work is a direct reflection of our appetite for junk food, TV, technology, clothing and literature, where designed obsolescence is part of our culture and readily accepted. There is a concentration on food iconology which is a direct metaphor to our ravenous consumption of things with no substance or sustenance. A reminder that we need to feed our souls as well as our stomachs. Charlie Mcfarley's work is the perfect example of the artist working as a vandal. Disrupting the wonderful world of children's cartoon art and forcing the viewer into a landscape of intricately painted nightmares and sculptures that seem to smile back at you... Truly visceral in their impact the artwork reveals the troubled vision of adult life seen through a child’s eye. Having been a stalwart of the London street art scene for the past decade, this year alone has seen Charlie paint an anti-Trump mural for VICE in Bali, and exhibit alongside Banksy, Stik and Shepard Fairey, amongst others TACOT is new to the modern art scene, he works as an enigma moving seamlessly through genres and concepts, connecting artworks to convey a strong message to raise questions and spark the imagination of the viewer. Never one to shy from a challenging topic he injects a highly engaging and refreshing personality into his work; expect a smack in the face and two fingers up to convention and modern culture. The Underdog Gallery ARCH 6, Crucifix Lane London Bridge SE1 3JW A 3 minute walk from London Bridge Station – leave via THE SHARD exit and turn left, The Underdog is approx. 400 meters on the left, just past the traffic lights.

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