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16th September: C O V E N Gods and Monsters

An evening of immersive theatrics, performance and music. The C O V E N witches have carved up The Underdog Gallery into several separate spaces, to exist alongside each other for the duration of the night. Journey with us through the myriad underworlds and afterlives, where you will encounter the Gods and Monsters who dwell within. Saturday 16th September at The Underdog Gallery. 9pm. Performances throughout. Tickets £9.99: Featuring: HYENAZ “HYENAZ live experience a wholly immersive journey into the raw power of the physical body, visionary costuming and digital art pushes their electronic soundscape into territory largely uncharted by other producers…We draw on magic in our work, in particular the Chaos Magic paradigm, which provides a ritual framework of action-intention that accords with our identities as queer bodied, post-capitalist, free-movement, pacifist artists” Area One: HADES: When the fierce soul departs from the body from which it has uprooted itself,

Minos sends it to the seventh mouth.

It falls into the wood, and no place is assigned to it, but where chance hurls it, there it sprouts like a grain of spelt. It grows into a shoot, then a woody plant; the Harpies, feeding on its leaves, give it pain and a window for the pain. (Dante) Divination and Tarot Reading by JADEY ANN and SARAH CHEW Area Two: MOUNT OSORE: Empty-handed I entered the world Barefoot I leave it. My coming, my going – Two simple happenings That got entangled.�(Ichikyo) Kabuki dance performance by RAFFAELLO and FOXGLOVE Area Three: VALHALLA: Glad Realm the fifth is called, Where, gleaming with gold, The Hall of the Slain Men stretches Into space, And there the Hidden One Each day elects The men who met death by weapons.�(Edda) The Dead Performers: VENOM FOXGLOVE NICOLETTA WYLDE ANSELME LENGA

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