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26th Jan: Nature's Energy by Russell Scott-Skinner (two day pop-up)


Two Day Pop-Up Art Show

26th & 27th January 2017

Private View Thursday 26th January: 7pm-11pm

Friday 27th January: 11am - 7pm (open to the public)

Friday Closing Party: 7pm - 1am

Attendance is free and all are welcome to attend.

For any questions about the show or to be added to the preview list for originals please contact:

The underdog Presents ‘Nature’s Energy’ an Art Show by Russell Scott-Skinner.

For two days only on Thursday January 26th and Friday 27th January 2017, Multimedia artist Russell Scott-Skinner is presenting his latest art series to London at The Underdog Gallery.

Nature’s Energy’ will feature 25+ new unseen paintings that Russell has been working on for the past 4 years since his last London exhibition.

Russell Scott-Skinner is a charismatic, hard working professional artist who is truly dedicated to his visual work.

2016 has been a tremendous year for Russell with Sir David Attenborough becoming another well known owner of Russell’s work. In the late winter he completed a two month commission across North and Eastern Europe to document Brexit. He has also completed the illustration for a successful children’s book that helps to explain to children the behaviour changes that can occur in parents suffering from depression.

Other recent projects have included a quadruplet mural series for Dartford Council and a solo exhibition at the Kaleidoscope gallery in Sevenoaks, Kent. Over the last 5 years Russell has also had his work used across 22 big screen sites in cities across the UK, featured on the BBC and across numerous radio and print publications.

It’s hard to say in this day and age that an artist’s work is truly original. But this is what you consistently hear when people talk about Russell’s work. His method of creating the pieces is truly unique in itself for he doesn’t paint them, he grows them. Much like how nature sculpts the landscape over time, Russell realised that he would need to create his pieces in the same way to truly reflect this energy in nature. This is why the new work has been four years in the making.

Russell is an incredibly patient and well driven artist – he creates many original works each year – reflecting a wide range of shapes and patterns that appear as nature uses energy and time to sculp our natural world - Corrison through mountains, Amazon Delta’s, Coastal movements, Rotting drift wood, Human energy and anything else that he sees effect or change the natural world we live in.

Nature’s Energy by Russell Scott-Skinner

For any questions about the show or to be added to the preview list for originals please contact:

Link to his website -



The Underdog


Crucifix Lane

London Bridge


3 mins walk from The Shard Exit of London Bridge Station, come out of the station, turn left at The Shard and walk down to the traffic lights, The Underdog is just across the lights on the left.


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