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30th Oct: Artful Ashtanga Yoga Class


Artful Ashtanga Yoga for all levels.

Sunday 30th of October 11am to 12pm at The Underdog Gallery Artful Ashtanga Yoga is a dynamic asana (Sanskrit for “posture”) practice based on the traditional Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga.

In class we will build up strength and flexibility, we connect to our breath, we slow down and become calmer. In addition, great art pieces will surround and inspire us during our practice.

OUR FACEBOOK EVENT PAGE: click here Class will end at 12pm but feel free to stay longer to enjoy a delicious juice or coffee from Dungarees Coffee, inside The Underdog. +++++++++++++++++++++++++ WHY YOGA?

Modern life can be full of stress. We have to learn to listen to our body, to our breath and ourselves. Yoga helps to get rid of anything that is related to stress. We connect to our breath, we slow down and become calmer.

A consistent Yoga practice enables us to concentrate better, to listen more, to be calmer, clearer and much more focused. Our daily life flows more easily and everything becomes a pleasure rather than a pressure.

Let’s dump the stress on the mat, channel it in a more productive and helpful way and leave class with a feeling of being lighter.

Yoga will make you feel happy. It is a journey of letting go of all negativity in life. Through yoga we can fill our hearts with positivity.

Let go of everything that happened in the past, don’t worry about the future and live to the fullest in the now!

Choose to be happy and free, do yoga! +++++++++++++++++++++++++ PRICE?

£7 Bring two friends & pay £5 each +++++++++++++++++++++++++ LOCATION?

The Underdog Gallery ARCH 6, Crucifix Lane London Bridge SE1 3JW +++++++++++++++++++++++++ MORE INFO?

Email Whatsapp: 07799130039 Instagram: Facebook: Bring your own mat! +++++++++++++++++++++++++ WHY I PRACTICE YOGA?

Yoga opened a completely new way of life for me. It gave me a fresh perspective on how I see life in general and especially myself. I was always trying to be enough and please others. I didn’t know who I really was.

Through yoga I learned to discover my real me, the essence of my being. Yoga is a journey to discover this essence. It is a journey of connection with the real self. I learned to love, respect and honour myself. With every breath and every asana I learn to appreciate myself and everything around me.

Yoga helps me to feel more grounded and my life has become a steadier place. Practising yoga gives freedom from dark, lonely and stressful times. It is a place of light.

I want to share this light. For me yoga means union. Within this union we can let go of negativity and experience the new positive energy that we feel by practising yoga. In this community we can share love, gratitude, freedom and joy!



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