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17th Nov: 'Artists & Albums' - A solo show by Nick Dillon

The Underdog Gallery invites you to the Private View of ‘Artists & Albums’ a brand new London solo show from contemporary pop artist Nick Dillon on Thursday 17th November 2016.

This is Manchester born, Nick Dillon’s debut show in London, and runs from Thursday 17th November – when the Artist will be joining us at the gallery for the private view – to Sunday 4th December 2016.

His 40 new pieces of art are heavily influenced by the pop cultural revolution in the north of England especially Northern Soul, Punk from the 80’s and the Brit-Pop era of the 90’s, all pioneering genres of their day – many of the artists feature prominently in this exhibition – while also calling back to some of the great popular artists like Bowie, Lemmy, Keith Richards, Kurt Cobain and Beck.

Canvas Light Box by Nick Dillon

Nick Dillon has produced a master class art exhibition of iconic pop art that bursts with colour and culture, this is a show not to be missed as you will find a deep emotional connection with your musical heroes, his superb style and iconic content

The work for this show is based around the artists and album covers that played a part in his life, most of his hand painted (not stencilled) canvases carry one of his signature styles, a deep embossing of lyrics from one of the songs into the canvas, a truly unique style mastered over time to create a subtle three dimensional piece of art from a two dimensional canvas.

Simply put....... it’s genius.

His client base is a who’s who of famous people from tennis legends, rock stars, music producers and premier league footballers to name a few.

The Underdog Gallery

ARCH 6, Crucifix Lane

London Bridge


A 3 minute walk from London Bridge Station – leave via THE SHARD exit and turn left, The Underdog is approx. 400 meters on the left, just past the traffic lights.

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