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We wish to invite artists to submit artwork for the Christmas Show at The Underdog Gallery.

Most artists we speak to have some pieces that they are just tired of seeing in their studios and that they are taking up much needed space but don’t have an outlet, well, this is it!

Last Christmas we put on the Star Wars show (The Artist Awakens) and had over 140 pieces in the show from 70+ artists, we sold approx 78% of the work on display because we had the idea to lower the prices for Christmas. Admittedly we extended the show into January because of popular demand.

Most people love art but can’t afford it so by doing this we not only bring in some money for you, the artists, but we give someone a chance to buy a present for a loved one that is beautiful, affordable and unique and we all love that, don’t we?

By selling some of your work for Christmas at a discounted price you not only bring in money for yourself but you are also giving someone a chance to buy into you and your art where previously they may not have been able to afford it. Win-Win.

The ‘average’ price last year was £329 so we would like to continue to have affordable prices (i.e under £500) for this show, but will look at most artwork and prices if discounted properly, so come on, clear off the cobwebs from the art you have stored and get submitting.

There is no theme to this show we just want good art at good prices.


We would like the following info with each piece.

SUBJECT: The Big Christmas Artist Studio Sale

Name of Artist:

Name of Piece:


Size: (cm)

Normal Price: £

Sale Price: £

All submissions should be to:

Show dates: 15th Dec – Jan 2016


Official Website:


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