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Welcome to The Blue Fez

Welcome to “The Blue Fez”…

On Friday 6th May ……

A place of truly thrilling burlesque and cabaret set amongst unique art which surrounds the show.

A hotbed of sights and sounds that capture the fervour of escapism, romance, and wild imagination.

With eyes fixed upon the addictive spectacles of each and every performer, lose yourself in a world of art, hidden opulence, provocative acts, and unforgettable entertainment.


Luna Rosa, international burlesque artiste, described as the “Body of Burlesque” and the “undisputed Queen of Exotica”. Creative Director at Blue Fez Productions.

Benjamin Louche, your award winning deviant, charming and well-versed, serenade host.

Pete Saunders, blues jazz pianist, songwriter, a celebrated musician, formerly of Dexy’s Midnight Runners.

Coco Malone, chanteuse extraordinaire, who has graced the stages of burlesque and jazz shows, globally.

With very special guests:

Vicky Butterfly, a star of burlesque, an innovative performance artist and all-round dreamer. Kitty Bang Bang, is the whisky-soaked, fire breathin’, chopper ridin’, “Princess of Burlesque”.

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