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Incandescent Artists & Underdog Art presents... MIX 3

Incandescent Artists & The Underdog Gallery presents MIX 3 – Another explosive MIX of Modern, Urban and Post-War Pop Art.

If you’ve not been to either of our previous “MIX” group shows you’ve been missing out on what’s rapidly becoming one of the ‘must see’ group art exhibitions on the London art scene with an uber fun Private View filled with an international line-up of the current hottest creative talents to grace us with their artistic visions.

These nights are a hot bed for other creative professionals to MIX with eachother and meet like minded individuals who like to celebrate creativity in a wide range of mediums and careers, a super friendly crowd matched only by the vibe we’ve nurtured at these events.

Come down and be a part of something special, something real.


Banksy – Shepard Fairey – Antony Micallef – Matty Small – Does – Eelus – Mason Storm – Raven Armoury – Trust. iCON – Dolk – Lora Zombie – Daisuke Sakaguchi – Mr Feeney – Jim Vision – James Mylne – Sally Kendall – Daniel Fisher – Charlie Mcfarley – Harper Deyong – Daniel Mernagh – Nicolas Ruston – Paul Wood – Michael Tate – Wreckage International – Nathan Bowen – David Williamson – Arturo Garcia De Las Heras and Miles Khan


drinks reception and licenced bar 6pm-11pm

Jonnie Polyester will be playing r’n’b, house & club classics on private view with video projections all night long!

guest list for private view –

The MIX 3 show will run from…..

Thursday 17th March – Private View 6pm-11pm

Friday 18th March – CLOSED

Saturday 19th March – 11am – 5pm

Sunday 20th March – 11am – 5pm

Monday 21st March – CLOSED

Tuesday 22nd March – 11am – 7pm

Wednesday 23rd March – 11am – 7pm

Thursday 24th March – 11am – 7pm

Friday 25th March – 11am – 7pm

Saturday 26th March – 11am – 5pm

Sunday 27th March – CLOSED (easter bank holiday)

Monday 28th March – CLOSED (easter bank holiday)

Tuesday 29th March – 11am – 7pm

Wednesday 30th March – 11am – 7pm

Thursday 31st March – 11am – 7pm

Friday 1st April – 11am – 7pm

Saturday 2nd April – 11am – 5pm

Sunday 3rd April – 11am – 5pm

Monday 4th April – CLOSED

Tuesday 5th April – 11am – 7pm

Wednesday 6th April – 11am – 7pm

Thursday 7th April – 11am – 7pm

Friday 8th April – 11am – 7pm

Saturday 9th April – 11am – 5pm

Sunday 10th April – 11am – 5pm

Monday 11th April – CLOSED

Tuesday 12th April – 11am – 7pm

Wednesday 13th April – 11am – 7pm

Thursday 14th April – 11am – 7pm

Friday 15th April – 11am – 7pm

Saturday 16th April – 11am – 5pm

Sunday 17th April – 11am – 5pm – FINAL DAY

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