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DWAM - A solo show by Gianluca Pisano

Incandescent Artists and The Underdog Gallery are proud to present……..

“DWAM” – A solo show by Italian painter Gianluca Pisano.

Gianluca is a true powerhouse artist that produces artwork rarely seen these days. Brushstrokes that acknowledge the ‘old masters’ but with a mind-set firmly planted in the 21st Century with aplomb. The content, story and swagger of his paintings are hard to ignore, stunning in detail and commanding in nature.

A must see for any art fan of technical skill.

Private View 6pm-11pm

11th February 2016

Email for guest list

Drinks reception & Licensed Bar – Music

** DWAM: a state of semi-consciousness or reverie **

GIANLUCA PISANO was born in Sardinia and moved to London in 1996 where he has lived ever since. The focus of this work is on the human figure, re-interpreted to include contemporary themes. For instance, the worked canvases are concerned with the abstract shapes and the surface textures of the painting as objects, whilst the dark content of the paintings are concerned with the intense human condition of being situated in a strange world.

Whilst he has worked with digital art and made images through computer technology, it is important for his work to stay true to the medium of painting. If the abstract and conceptual aspects of his work are contemporary, their presence recalls the Baroque, especially the painters who pursued and developed Tenebrism, from the Italian, tenebroso (murky), also called dramatic illumination. The use of dramatic illumination affords the paintings an air of mystery. Mystery is powerful in attracting the human mind, leaving the narrative incomplete so that the spectator is puzzled or left in a state of wonder.

More broadly, the contrast between light and dark suggests the difference between that which we know and are, therefore, able to contain and control; and that which lies beyond our present epistemological capacities. In philosophy, the enlightenment promised illumination, but acknowledged a realm that remains beyond our grasp.

PRIVATE VIEW on Thursday 11th February from 6pm-11pm STRICTLY GUEST LIST ONLY

CLICK GOING on the Facebook Event Page or email us for Guest List:

DRINKS RECEPTION FROM 6PM – LICENSED BAR TILL 11PM (on private view only) Open to the public 12th Feb – 28th Feb 2016 Please contact the gallery via email for daily opening times –

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