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The Twisted Odyssey - new works by Konstantinos Patsios.

The Blender Gallery presents the solo exhibition «The Twisted Odyssey» of new works by Konstantinos Patsios.

The exhibition, curated by Michaella Vergotti, will be hosted at the Underdog Gallery in London from the 4th to the 10th of June 2015.

In the series titled The Twisted Odyssey, the Homeric epic poem is the starting point for the creation of 24 artworks, just as many as Homer’s 24 rhapsodies. The works are shaking down conventionalities as they readjust the meaning of various situations described in the original Odyssey.

The artist perceives the epic poem retrospectively and he places the it in a artistic frame, which at first glance does not have any apparent similarities with the original Odyssey. In fact, based on his personal experiences, the viewer is called to recognize, to decry