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Momentary Monumental by Anders Moseholm

The paintings in the exhibition MOMENTARY MONUMENTAL are all squares. The significance of the square (balance, stability, grounding, elemental structure) reflect the fact, that we can embrace the challenge, the complexity and the dynamic which are unfolded in my motives – which describes the meeting between the historically linear and the contemporary liquid room.

I am inspired by different interiors and locations from the past juxtaposed with elements of the present. To me these old spaces express a specific sort of mindset. Like the old interiors I feel that human beings are old organisms that are not effective and adaptable to the change of time. We are not iPhones. We remember all kinds of irrational and emotional stuff which make us suddenly stop and wonder, think, dream, memorize …

“Memory alone claims to itself the right to recall excerpts, to ignore transitions, and to represent it to us rather as a series of dreams than the dream itself.” -Andre Breton

We are attracted to odd unpredictable weird things and that this seems to prevent us from being effective and reaching out for what we desire, however I think this actually opens up for unique possibilities. The unpredictiveness of our nature makes us creative and combines things that rational logic would not allow. To me these old interiors express a linear and chronological logic.

I In my paintings this old logic clashes with the contemporary human world which offers a different logic.

You can be present in various places very fast also because of the Internet. This way speed becomes interesting, because it affects our notion of time. Milan Kundera discusses this in his novel ‘ L’ignorance’. He poses the question if there is a connection between speed and our abillity to memorize? If a person takes a walk and suddenly wants to remember something – he automatically slows down his pace … and perhaps even stops.

Maybe the high speed in which we can orientate ourselves in space and time today makes us ignore the more important issues such as the notion of sudden memory. Instead of focusing on the fastest way to learn what is breaking news, we could try to see the past as an active resource in creating new ideas instead of blocking it out. My interiors are mental spaces challenged by contemporary turbulence – like a ghost in the machine.

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