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Rebecca Youssefi – Major Arcana

Private View: Saturday 13 December 6pm with a performance by Hastings Guerrilla Circus at 8.00pm.

“Rebecca Youssefi’s new work at Underdog Gallery, London, called ‘Major Arcana‘ is rich and eye catching. She has chosen to focus her painters gaze on the major arcana tarot cards, themselves an esoteric path through the heart of kabbalistic mysticism. The Major Arcana seems initially an unusual choice for a young painter, but she engages with this very directly, in most cases as if each symbolic card was herself or a quality she is locating within herself. Her gaze feels sometimes outward onto a world of possibility and potential, and sometimes firmly embedded in hermeticism. She is taking on large issues, big complex questions, but her commitment to an absolutely vigorous awareness in mind body and living soul are reflected in her sustained fluency within these complex timespaces. Amazingly she is too, one of the performers in the fabulous Hastings Guerilla Circus, whose production is to be seen at the Underdog Gallery simultaneously on the opening night. What an impressive combination of approaches to the embodied self from someone who seems determined to both think, imagine and experience what it is to be a moving, alive, empowered human being embedded in this moment of time. “

– Sarah J Lloyd

‘What seems impossible initially becomes a living reality through focus and practice, and so this element of the magic of transforming limitations is inspiring to me. It’s helped me realize that very often I am capable of much more than my conditioned fear causes me to believe I am. I work simply with what I can work with, my own experiences and personal history, from the inside out. I empower myself away from roles that others might want to put on me, and perhaps simply that is a force in itself.’

– Rebecca Youssefi

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