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A Lamb in Wolf’s Clothing - A show by bo.lee Gallery

Private View: Thursday 6 November 6 – 8pm (Catalogue and price list on request)

Capture and entrapment. Hunting and Sacrifice. Encompassing new work by Beth Carter and Davy & Kristin McGuire, A Lamb in Wolf’s Clothing brings these concepts to the forefront of the viewer’s mind and questions the instinctual nature of man and beast. Where does the responsibility lie and who repents?

Embellishing the hunt and justifying the sacrifice, Carter conveys a necessary yet uncomfortable action. Recently returned from a long residency in New York, Carter establishes herself in her biggest London show to date with a fresh body of work exhibited for the first time here in the UK. Her signature sculptures blur the emotion of innocence and the instinct of a beast, as the historical referencing of these animals is tossed aside and the viewer engages with this new portrayal. Carter presents us with a merciful death in that the viewer may feel pity or at ease with the notion of a ‘hunt’. The work highlights man’s natural instinct and questions the subject’s origin in each sculpture and drawing.