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Illumin-Art des Morts

The Underdog Gallery presents an amazing selection of finely crafted and illustrated stained glass windows, circa 18 – 19th century. The pieces are of an exceptional standard of workmanship and are beautifully presented and ready to hang or install in any modern or classic home.

To complement this fine collection we have three contemporary artists, craftsmen and makers, who will be exhibiting a mixture of amazing illustrative, sculpture and furniture pieces.

La Mort, hailing from London will be exhibiting nine new works seen here for the first time. The works are a macabre fantastical and genetically mythical splicing of human – animal skulls and horns, beautifully glazed and hand engraved.

Schoph, from sunny Doncaster will be exhibiting three new beautifully intricate illustrative large scale layered resin paintings. Each piece painted onto multi layered resin substrates that gives an excellent sense of perspective and depth, these pieces are an imposing contemporary juxtaposition of the classic stained glass art work but just work perfectly together.

Georgina Brett Chinnery, from the south coast of Hastings, is showing some finely crafted sculpted and hand stitched furniture, tailored mannequins, mirrors and birds. All made from and covered in the finest leather and engraved with beautifully elaborate decorations of the most pagan and mystical nature. Each piece is a work of art in itself but look amazing as sets to compliment any grand home.

The drinks of the private view will be provided by our sponsors, Jensen gin, who mix the finest gin and tonics in London and if you’re feeling adventurous try the gin and rose lemonade which is just fantastic! There will also be live music on the night and a late bar after the private view for guests only. So we can all party into the night and celebrate the next Halloween in style!

Show runs from 26th October until 15th November

PRIVATE VIEW: Friday 25th Oct 6-9pm with late bar and entertainment for invited guests only.

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