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1st April - Punk4MentalHealth Fundraiser with Music, Art and Talks!

We are thrilled to host the main event of the Punk4MentalHealth festival to raise funds for mental health research and celebrate the punk culture with live music, art exhibitions and mental heath talks! Time: 12pm – 1am Admission: From £8, tickets must be purchased online in advance here: (all sales go towards the cause) The inaugural Punk4MentalHealth festival will occur in London from 27-31 March 2017. The event is intended to raise funds for mental health research at the Centre for Research in Social and psychological Transformation at the University of Roehampton. The research is led by renowned psychologist Dr. Joel Vos 'The Punk Professor'. Patrick Griffin, one of the main organisers, has been part of the original punk movement in London and has organised some of the most exciting punk bands for the event including: Screaming Dead, Bloody English, Spizz Solo, The Xtraverts, Tara Rez Solo, Raf&O, Future Daughters, Shag Nasty. All coming together for just one off April's Fools Day all day performances. We will finish the night with a punk goth EBM DJ with an intermission show by Dorian the Void. Collection of speakers and poems will also take the stage in between the music including Pat Murray from These Animal Men, Andy the Punk Poet, Disabled People Against Cuts, Neil Faulkner, The Queer Alternative. In addition, there will also be talks from Punk4MentalHealth International featuring Craig Lewis and Sherry Craig (coming all the way from Boston, US) and a live Skype interview will with Duffo (Jeff Duff) from Australia.