Kelly Ann Holmes

Kelly Ann Holmes is a self taught mixed media artist specialising in the use of recycled drinks cans. Her current body of work focuses heavily on pop art-esque portraiture; using the images of people that have interested her for many years. 

"I'm mostly interested in people who have souls that are a little broken and exploring the adverse effects of the fame and fortune for which they were so admired". Her first solo exhibition "Wasted Talents and Glorious Tragedies" (Sept 2017) was a delve into the world of adoration heaped upon certain individuals who ultimately led incredibly troubled lives.


Her choice of material, whilst most certainly unconventional , is by no means accidental. "Alcohol has been a constant presence in my life in one way or another, as such it seemed fitting for me to take something that has had such an influence and turn it into something so positive that there can be no argument that I have really taken life's lemons and tried my best to make a decent lemonade. The use of recycled materials is an added bonus for me; taking something that was destined for the rubbish bin and turning into something completely different is a fantastic feeling and within that, there is an essence of anything having the potential of beauty if you just look hard enough."


Since beginning her artistic practice in 2011 and going on to exhibit for the first time in February of 2016, she has since gone on to win prizes voted for by panels of judges and the general public, be featured in local and national magazine and appeared on local radio.



MUMMY'S LITTLE MONSTERS Recycled drinks cans on plywood with spray paint 60 x 60 cm £700



JIMI Recycled drinks cans on plywood 70 x 60 cm £950

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