From a very young age, Horacio became passionate for drawing, a discipline which eventually would be central to his full body of work. While friends played football, he filled notebook after notebook with drawings that piled up underneath his bed. Drawing, with all of its labyrinths, its cunning and its traps, which he managed to master, is today one of his most powerful tools.

After experimenting with different techniques ranging from charcoal to pastels, he ended up adopting oil painting as his favorite working material, due to its versatility and texture which allows him to express his relentless visual world. Drawing and painting, are two elements that tease one another throughout his body of work; the brutal and sardonic qualities of drawing on the one side and the organic sensuality of oil on the other.


Attracted by the human figure and its disfigurement, Horacio seems to be the builder of impossible anatomies, filled with sexuality, pain and, without a doubt, humor.

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