On the evening of January 16th, 2014 Danny was in a hit and run accident where two cars smashed into him. The crash left him with extensive physical injuries, whose immediate danger masked the severity and permanence of his mental injuries. Danny and his doctors discovered later that the accident damaged his ability to do tasks that used the left-brain. Prior to the accident, Danny had not lifted a paint brush since his junior high art school class. He dabbled in art, mostly using oil pastels. However, after the accident, Danny found himself gifted with the ability to paint.

Danny Greene's work draws a fine line between the classical and the contemporary, masterfully creating a world within those boundaries. He is  a profound liberal artist and an innovative street artist, whose focus is on the gritty, realistic, ground level of our world, where he pushes his art to evoke thought and change with its message.

His work has caught the eye of collectors such a Dave Navarro (of the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Jane’s Addiction), Matt Hyde (of Porno for Pyros), and Nate Emond (a Grammy award winning music producer for Netflix and Youtube) who all own at least one of his pieces. Danny hopes that his art and his story will inspire people, especially those in dire situations, to find the courage to look inside themselves and discover their own hidden gifts and talents and put them to great use.

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